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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Clonakilty Marathon rescheuled to Sat 6th February 2016

After the cancellation of the Clonakilty Marathon last Saturday, there was a huge number of complaints from runners as it wasn't cancelled the previous day like the Waterford Half was. Another issue was the fact the delay in announcing the cancellation on the morning of the race. The decision to cancel was at 6:45am and notices weren't posted by mail and social media until 8am which could have saved some people from making an unnecessary journey.

If you had planned to do it, then your options now are to do the event on the 6th of February, transfer it to the event in December 2016 or get a refund.

Dear runner ,walker and wheel chair participant...First i would like to apologise in my delay in updating you regards information. I have been having on going meetings throughout the past few days with the Gardai ,County Council ,Red Cross and road contractors whom are undertaking major road works through the town of Clonakilty at present. As you can appreciate their resources were been stretched throughout the area due to storm and flooding this past weekend.

We the Clon Crew would like to acknowledge their incredible support though past weekend and appreciate in all of their support in facilitating our new agreed race date this evening . I understand your frustration in not receiving information but we must all appreciate others in towns like Bandon and surrounding areas were not as fortunate with flood damage so close to Christmas. The Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon appreciates your support and understanding throughout the past few days .

The decision to cancel so late in the day was not taken lightly ,and one I would not like to take again ,that said your health and safety comes first and foremost to me, the Clon Crew and and all our
support crew . Every effort and chance was given to allow you to enjoy a safe and great race day sadly the odds on the day were stacked against us. We are bless to have had five out of six safe and great weathered races days and God willing for Clon VI round II on Feb 6 th 2016 we will again.

I will get to answer every one who has emailed me in person over the coming week, so please bear with me. You are welcome to email me with any queries but again please understand it will take me time to respond. Our Web site RUNCLON.IE will be updated in the coming days and now that we have a race day agreed we will be in a position to keep you updated going forward .

Please note we will not be addressing any queries going forward in future on face book .Email to INFO@RUNCLON.IE only. Thank you for your on going support and we look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year . On behalf of myself bob and all The Clon Crew,

We wish you all a Peaceful Christmas a Healthy and Happy New Year and look forward to welcoming those of you that can make it home to West Cork in 2016. We will be opening registration for limited new registrations for Clon VI Feb 6th tomorrow


Important Information...

1. If you have already collected your race/chip number last weekend please hold onto. This race number is your ticket transfer to feb 6th event. You have also collected your t shirt. All you need to do is arrive on time for the 9am start. You are are good to go.

2. If you did not collect your race/chip number we will have it ready for you and your original record of registration is on our system. We would advise you to bring a copy of your original registration as back up...We Will have your t shirt ready for you when you collect your race/chip number.

3. If you cannot make the rescheduled date Feb 6th 2016, you can transfer to the Clonakilty marathon on Dec 3rd 2016

4. Refunds; If you cannot attend either dates Feb 6th or Dec 3rd 2016 a refund can be requested directly to bob Hilliard in writing to info@runclon.Ie. Refund request deadline date Dec 23rd 2015.

If you have already collected your race number and t shirt please return to us, otherwise as you can appreciate €10 will be deducted from the original entry fee.

Thank you for your support and understanding.



Anonymous said...

I don't normally come here to criticize races or race organizers. But Clonakilty is one race that should be killed off for good. Not once in the attached correspondence do the organizers apologize for their lack of communication in what was clearly a race that would never go ahead. Waterford AC cancelled the event with plenty of notice. Clon could not have ever happened. Instead they blame everyone around them and other events and dont want to take any responsibility for not updating the runners.

I for one hope that this is the last straw for runners and this race is completely abandoned next year

Anonymous said...

Ah come off your soap box, please will you?
Who in their right mind even thought this event was going to take place at the height of a storm? You can criticize the race organizers all you want, but please, the participants who traveled that morning to Clonakilty should be embarrassed to admit they did so.
It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetically sad.

Jane said...

I agree with the above post 100%. No apology, no acknowledgement of any wrong doings, nothing! Only a despicable attempt to draw focus away from their own inadequacies and failings by commenting on the misfortune and misery of others. Their supporters have gathered round this pathetic announcement, virtual high fiving each other and still calling critics "whiners". This race needs to be exposed for the money making racket that it is and I hope people have the sense to avoid it in the future.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the way runners were left in the dark was appalling

In response to the second post:

If it was so obvious that the race would not go ahead why didn't the organizers come out and communicate in advance to those who made the trip to Clon in the hope that it may.

I don't agree with the "money making racket" comment either - it's a commercial enterprise, I've no doubt they make money but they also put money up day one.

People should vote with their feet and stay away only if they believe the race is over priced or somehow sub standard- not because someone might make a few quid on it by taking a risk

Anyway Merry Xmas one and all :-)