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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Estimate your 10 mile time from your 5 mile performance

With just over two weeks to go to the Ballycotton '10', the 5 mile race in Carrigaline next Sunday (17th Feb) is an ideal opportunity to gauge what your Ballycotton time might be like. Both the Ballycotton '10' and the Carrigaline '5' races are reasonably similar courses in that they both have small pulls to contend with. Whatever your current level of fitness is like now, you are not going to really improve by any amount in the next two weeks. Essentially, you can use the Carrigaline race as a test of your fitness levels and then have a full two weeks to recover before the big day.

So what do you expect your Ballycotton time to be? The biggest mistake that most people make is that they start too fast and then get into trouble in the second half of the race. If you know exactly what your likely finishing time might be then you can run at the correct pace. It's not just a case of getting your 5 mile time and doubling it. As you would expect, you are going to run a 10 mile race at a slower pace.

I have a list of suggested 10 mile times HERE based on your time in Carrigaline. It is of course based on the assumption that you have done the training for a 10 mile race!

More details on the Carrigaline 5 mile road race in an earlier post.

Remember, if you are going then you can pre-enter and skip the entry queue on the day. Anyone taking part will also get a 20% discount voucher from the Edge Sports.


Anonymous said...

Q: Will there be pacers at the Ballycotton 10 ?
There was a good array of pacers at the Dungarvan 10,at 5-minute intervals.

John Desmond said...

There are never pacers at Ballycotton. The Mallow 10 mile on the 18th of March will have a full set of pacers from 60 to 95 mins in 5 min increments.

Anonymous said...

But dont get too stuck on predicted times and let it limit your performance.
Last year I ran the Eagle 5 in 29:50-something but ran Mallow10 4 weeks later in sub 60