Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Preview of the Kinsale Regatta 5 mile road race - Fri 30th July 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

Preview of the Kinsale Regatta 5 mile road race - Fri 30th July 2010

This race in the coastal town of Kinsale has a reputation of being a very fast 5 mile course, certainly one of the fastest around. It starts high above the town and finishes near sea level in the town itself.

If you are coming into Kinsale from Cork, do not take the road that turns left towards the quays. Instead, carry on until you hit a T-junction. Turn left here onto the Bandon road and climb the hill. About 1 mile later at the top of the hill, you will see the GAA grounds on the right.

One! The race starts at 8pm next to the GAA grounds and the 1st mile is flat / slightly downhill. Just after the 1 mile mark, there is a steep downhill section and after that, it's more or less dead flat. There is a tiny pull just as you pass the Trident Hotel when you enter the town but nothing that will really slow you down.

After last years race, I had a poll where I asked if runners would count a PB if it was over a downhill course. A suprising number of people said they wouldn't. At the end of the day, it's up to each individual if they want to count it or not. 

More details.....
Entry fee is €10.00 - €5.00 of the entry will be donated to Marymount Hospice.
Entries will be taken on the night at Kinsale G.A.A. Grounds up to 7.45 p.m.
The race will start at the G.A.A. Grounds and finish in the town (next to the B.O.I.)
1st 6 Men, 1st 6 Ladies.
Master Men : 1st 3 O/40, O/45, O/50, O/55, O/60
Master Ladies ; 1st O/35, O/40, O/45, O/50
Junior Men & Ladies ; 1st 3
1st Wheelchair Athlete
1st Men & Ladies Team (3 to score)
One prize per athlete.

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