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Monday, June 07, 2010

Results & Photos of the 2010 Cork City Marathon...

The weather forecast for the 2010 Cork City Marathon was spot on with heavy rain in the morning and the weather improving about lunch time. While the temperatures were well down on recent years, the rain certainly didn't help. The large pools of water on the road were evidence of just how much rain fell overnight while the wind was particularly strong in places. The section along the estuary walkway in Mahon was especially tough with driving horizontal rain. You could almost feel the extra weight of that rain soaked gear. Whatever about the runners, it must have been tough on all of those stewards and volunteers who stood exposed in the rain for several hours, some long after many of the runners had finished.

The mens race was won by Sergiu Ciobanu in an impressive time of 2:25:54. 

The ladies race was won by Lucy Brennan for the 3rd year in a row in a time of 2:54:41. To win a local 5km / 4m / 5m road race is one thing but to win a Marathon is something else altogether and to win it 3 years in a row is pure class.

The provisional results for the Full Marathon are HERE in PDF format.

The provisional category results are HERE in PDF format.

The provisional results for the Relay event are HERE in PDF format.

Photos......(Updated Wed 23rd)
Here are a selection of photos....
1) 508 photos by Paudie Birmingham of Mallow AC of runners between 3 and 4 hours on Patrick's Street. Click HERE

2) Another gallery of 575 photos HERE

3) Another gallery of 169 photos by Joe Doherty HERE

4) A huge gallery of 1364 photos HERE

5) There is a searchable collection of photos on the RacePix website

6) Another gallery of 366 photos HERE

7) Set of 694 photos HERE

8) Set of 172 photos HERE

9) Set of 178 photos at the Victoria Road Relay station

10) A set of 292 photos at the finish (3:04-3:24)

11) 56 photos before the start

12) The commercial photographs are now available from FinishLine Photographs. There is a huge selection of photos available......just check out the selection in the navigation bar on the left.

13) There is a gallery of 151 photos by Joe Murphy of Eagle AC HERE


Anonymous said...

Hi John,well done and thank you to all those stewards who gave up their time on such a miserable morning fair play to each and everyone of them.Also well done to all who organised the Cork City Marathon fantastic event great credit due to all of them,take a bow ye deserve it a big thank you form me.

John Dunphy
Eagle A.C.

Anonymous said...

John, following on from your recent debate on runners & dogs and for up to date proof of the hazards caused for runners by dogs, see picture no. 46 of Paudie Birminghams Cork City Marathon 2010 pictures......enough said!!

Evin said...

A wet, but fun day to be out in Cork City. I'm uploading my photos from the 2010 Cork City Marathon to Flickr: A few hundred from the start, finish, and third-to-fourth relay leg hand-off point. I'm trying to tag them with bib numbers, but it's taking a while.

Anonymous said...

John, BIG THANK YOU to all of Cork City Marathon organisers. special thank you to 3:30 PACER! It was great to have you!
Well done everybody:)

Another John said...

talking of pacers,
the 3.45 guy was going great until he lost his balloon around mile 11.
Congrats on what is the best source of pre and post race information on local and other races available.

Eileen on the run said...

Pacer balloons are a brilliant idea.
However I think the organisers should take a leaf out of Dublin's books and use larger coloured balloons. Much easier to spot and know at a glance!!
What was that weather like??? I've very much a fair weather runner!!

Anonymous said...

Hi John
A big thanks to all involved and very much to yourself for helping me to get home in 3.15 well below what I had hoped for and qualifing me for Boston am delighted no way I could have achieved it without your pacing and online tips leading upto the race.

Robert Doherty
Eagle A.C.

Orla said...

John, a huge thank you for all the info you provided in the run up to the marathon. I've only been running since Christmas and the site has been a huge help to me. Thanks to all the great people who helped me out along the way.

Orla, Galtee Runners

Anonymous said...

hi john,well done and thank you to everyone standing in the rain passing out the water to the runners.Tks john for your pacing for the 3.15,cramp dented my hopes but i would like it if you could pass on my thanks to monica twohig who wouldn't go away until i got going again(mile 23) and saved my marathon from being a lot worse.A very kind gesture on a tough day.Fair play to everyone who kept going in the wind and rain.

Terry Higgins
Eagle AC

Anonymous said...

Thank You Terry ..Glad was some help,and well done on a fantastic time on a tough day.
Would love to hear opinions on heat last year Versus wind rain this year on finishing times?
As only did half this year i still found it tough going..
By any chance did anyone pick up my wet bag of gear at BHAA half way ?I ran from there..
Thanks John on Brill Blog Well Done also to You on your Great Pacing Have heard Great praise about you on your encouragement to Your group..
Monica Twohig Eagle ac

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Thanks for all the help over the last 12 months...

But can I ask .. When does the debate on the jersey ( the full marathon running top ) begin.