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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Pace Bands for the Marathon from Lucozade Sports

If you have a target time in mind for the Marathon, you should work out beforehand what your various splits will so you can see if you are on target or not. There's a very useful utility on the Lucozade Sports website where you can enter your estimated finish time and it will generate a page for you that you can print. Just cut out the selected section, wrap it around and make a bracelet out of it. Simple!

I know that many of you may be looking at this website from work (...during your coffee break of course ;o). So, I'm putting it up now so that you can print it out on Friday.

Print it out........cut around the edges and leave a good margin cover the front and back of it with clear sellotape..........then use a scissors to cut it to size.........on the morning of the race, sellotape the ends together and make a bracelet out of it.

It's that now have a bracelet that is resistant to sweat and rain and should last the race.

1 comment:

Colin O'Herlihy said...

Brilliant plan John, this gets everybody to "nail their colours to the mast" and declare their target finish time in advance!!!

I wonder how many of us will therefore be sheepishly trying to keep our wrists out of public view on the morning of the race? Or discarding the pace bands just after half-way!!!