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Thursday, January 07, 2010

A second look ahead to 2010...
A few days back, I put up a post outlining some of the events coming up in Cork in 2010. Now I can update some of that information.

1) I had mentioned that there was a 10 mile road race coming up in Cobh. Well, that particular race is on Sunday, the 18th of April and the organisers have a special website for it........

2) A additional race that I didn't mention because I wasn't sure if it was going ahead is the brand new Dunmanway 10k. This will be on Sunday the 20th of June at you have plenty of time to get ready for that one ;o)

3) I also mentioned the fact that there was a new 10 mile race in Bantry coming up on the 14th of February. I hope to have some more info on this race in the next week or two.

4) Those of you who made the trip to Killarney at the end of 2009 for the Feet First 5 k series might be interested to know that there will be another series of Killarney 5k races starting soon.

5).........and finally, I have updated the Running in Ireland website which has a list of all the medium and long distance races in Ireland in 2010. It's not really a blog per se but more of a useful list with links to all of the various race websites to help people plan their year ahead.

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