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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New possible date for the Mallow 10 mile road race....Sun 7th Feb???
As most of you know, the Mallow 10 was due to take place on the 10th of January but had to be cancelled due to the icy weather conditions. Mallow AC have now applied to the Cork AAI to hold the race on Sunday the 7th of February.

Considering that it is only one week after the Dungarvan 10 mile race, it's not exactly ideal but it's not like there is a great choice of dates to choose from. If you look at the race calendar on the Running in Munster website, you'll see that nearly every Sunday is busy with some event for the next few months. Given the choices, it's probably the best date that could be picked.

It does however clash with the Cork AAI County Road Championships which was originally scheduled for the 7th of Feb. The proposed solution is to hold the Road Championships in conjunction with the Rising Sun 4 mile road race on St.Patrick's Day.

A final decision will be made next weekend and we should know the result next week.


Anonymous said...

If Mallow goes ahead on Feb 7th, we'll have three 10-milers, three weeks in a row; Dungarvan, Mallow and Bantry.

Also, with the Co. Road Championships moving to March 17th, the County Championships will be held just 4 days after the Munster Road Championships.

Far from ideal in the case of the 10 milers but having two championships within four days is madness.

The 10 mile situation isn't ideal, but the Road Championships 'clash' needs to be looked at again.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult enough to make up club teams for championship races under the best of circumstances. To move the road Championships to 4 days before the Ballycotton 10 is also 'madness' as it would make it impossible for many clubs and next to impossible for the rest to make up teams for the event. In effect the move would be at best a serious down grading of the competition.

Anonymous said...

yep, and the County Road Championships will be on just 4days before the Ballycotton 10 if they're moved to March 17th!

Anonymous said...

Give Bantry a chance. I'ts the 1s/t West Cork road race. Fair play please

Anonymous said...'s worse ....the 'Roads' will only be three days - not four - before Ballycotton!! Do the people who (re)organise these things put any thought at all into the matter!!

Anonymous said...

Any athlete worth their salt could run two good races in four days but then again there are not many athletes worth their salt anymore.Just compare the times any one of these races will be won in to prove my point.