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Friday, November 28, 2008

Entries for the 2009 Ballycotton 10 mile road race ..... (Updated 1st Dec 10:00pm)
This is it, the waiting is over.....the entry forms for the 2009 Ballycotton 10 are out Monday, the 1st of December.
10:30am.....A sheet outlining what needs to be done when you are entering is now up on the Ballycotton website. By the way, the entry fee is €15 this year so at least you can get part out of the Get a postal order before you get the form.
10:00pm.....The entry forms are now online. Click HERE.

Quick recap on Entry Conditions.....
a) The first 2,500 forms that they recieve by post will have automatic entry.

b) Anyone who is a member of a running club (must be AAI registered) OR anyone who did one of the Ballycotton Summer Series 5 mile road races in 2008 (Ballyandreen/Shanagarry/Churchtown South/Ballycotton) have until the 16th of December to enter.

c) Overseas entrants have until the 8th of January to enter.

So basically, if you are not a club runner, you didn't do any of the 2008 Summer series races and you're not an overseas entrant, then you really need to enter ASAP.

For more details, look at my earlier post.

Next......Sequence of Events...
1) Some people will have sent off a SAE for an entry form during November. These should be posted before the weekend and they should arrive to everyone by post on Monday morning (1st Dec), at worst Tuesday morning (2nd Dec). Anyone who took this option should post the entry form back the same day.

2) The entry forms will be distributed to John Buckley Sports (Cork) and Ger Wyley Sports (Dungarvan) and local shops (Ballycotton/Shanagarry) on the afternoon of Monday, the 1st of December.

3) An entry form will be put up on the Ballycotton website on the evening of the same day, Monday the 1st of December. I'll put a link up here on this blog to the entry form as well that evening/night.

4) If you qualify under the entry conditions b) and c) above, then you can take your time and just make sure you get your entry back before the dates shown. If however, you do not meet any of these entry conditions, you must make sure that your entry is one of the first 2,500 accepted. You really should post your entry as soon as possible. Don't wait for the weekend or the following week!! If you post it on the Tuesday, you should get in ok. Wait any longer....then, who knows!

Tips on Entering.....(This is based on advice recieved from John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions)....This is especially relevant to those of you who don't take the time to read forms!!

Once you get the entry form, take your time and follow the following instructions...

(1) Read the form!! ....especially where to post to, the actual fee, who to make the cheques out to,

(2) Remember your year of birth (surprising the number of people who put down 2008!).
(3) No need for SAE with entry.

(4) Detach the section on the right-hand side, no need to send back the whole form. You'll be amazed to hear that the organisers actually know all the entry conditions already. They don't need you sending back the full form to remind them.

(5) Not to staple cheque to form! John makes the following point..."The last two points may seem trivial but when you are going through 3,000 forms it can be time consuming. Also, it might be no harm to inform the new people to running that we are entirely a voluntary organisation and don't have a full-time staff to deal with matters! "

Just two final points...
1) The Ballycotton 10 will take place on Sunday, the 8th of March 2009.
2) It is the 3rd race of the 4 in the Munster 10 mile Spring Classic series (more details next week). So, if you want to complete the series, you have to enter Ballycotton now.

So, that's it. Get ready for Monday and good luck!!


Unknown said...

Forms out around 4pm.
I pity the postman in Ballycotton on Tuesday, and Wednesday!!!
Hope he's got a van, and not a bike....

Anonymous said...

I posted off for an entry form in Nov and there is no sign of it so far - has anyone else recieved their form in the post, apparently i should have gotten it today