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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Results of the Bandon Half-Marathon & 10k...Sat 3rd May 2014

The weather conditions for this years Bandon Half-Marathon and 10k road race were a bit on the misty side....a bit damp for spectating but actually almost perfect for running in. In terms of numbers, there wasn't a huge change from last year with 221 runners in the Half-Marathon as compared to 244 last year. Considering that the Bay Run Half-Marathon, the Limerick Half-Marathon and the Great Railway Run are on the same weekend then the numbers are still pretty good. In fact, it is almost identical to two years ago when they got 220.

In the 10k race, there were 299 finishers as compared to 329 last year. Again, that comes at the end of a very busy week when we had the Crosshaven 8k and the Midleton 5 mile.

As always, Bandon Athletic Club put on a fine race yet again and the 'spread' afterwards was second to none. The amount of work that went into these two races was very evident from out along the course and at the finish line when there were a huge number of volunteers helping out. The long term aim of the club is to build a proper tartan athletics track in Bandon which would be a great boost for the sport in the West Cork region. Going on the numbers that support this race every year then they should be well on the way to achieving that target.

As for myself, I took part in the Half-Marathon and it seemed even hillier than last year ;o) .......but for all that, it was an excellent race. I've done a load of half-marathons over the years and I'd have to say that Bandon is probably my favourite. If times are the only thing that concern you then there are plenty of other flatter courses out there. If you want a nice testing course on quiet country roads then Bandon is really excellent. It's just a pity that it doesn't get bigger numbers than it gets at present.

Top 5 in the Half-Marathon...

1 John Meade        St Finbarr's AC MS  1:13:53
2 Cathal O'Connell        St Finbarr's AC M50  1:14:01
3 Kenneth O'Regan        Clonakilty Road Runners MS  1:20:23
4 Andrew Sheehan        Leevale ac  MS  1:21:17
6 Maurice Feehan        Gneeveguilla AC  MS    1:21:47
5 Jill Hodgins        unattached FS  1:21:23
10 Carmel Crowley  Bandon AC F45  1:23:30
13 Joyce Wolfe        Joyce wolfe Physio/ leevale FS   1:24:57
15 Madeline Loughnane        Thurles Crokes  FS   1:25:22
31 Niamh Cronin        St Finbarr's AC   FS  1:29:42

Top 3 in the 10k
1 Alex O Shea        St Finbarrs  M40  33:28
2 Michael Morgan        St Finbarrs  MS  34:52
3 Fergus Wall        Bandon AC  M45  36:48
13 Margaret Murphy  FS 39:37
16 Denise Twohig        St Finbarr's AC F40  40:53
18 Ronnie Barry        Bandon AC FS   41:26

The full results can be seen HERE

Photos...(Updated Mon 6pm)
1) There are hundreds of photos on the Bandon Town Facebook page HERE (no sign in required)
2) Patrick McSweeney has finish line photos of all the half-marathon runners who finished faster than 1:41 HERE  ...the start of both races HERE....and the presentation of prizes HERE


Anonymous said...

Great day,echo evertyhing said above.Thanks to all the stewards and volunteers who kept it moving smoothly.Congrats to two great Bandon clubs who do tremendous work for the young people in the area.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant race and organisation again bandon well done

Anonymous said...

I also did half marathon and totally agree with all said. Not really a PB course but a nice test of running. Very well marshalled at each junction and bus back to start line was a nice touch.
If money is going to local track then this race deserves support compared to "some" other races where the entry fee goes nowhere.
Well done, my first time but I WOULD go back.

First10k said...

Very good race. Lots of hills!! it was my first 10k and I was delighted with myself that I managed a challenging one so well.
The cheese sambos after were delish too ;)

Anonymous said...

Agree with above comments, great (but hilly) course, the hill at mile 11/12 was a killer! Excellent organisation and great atmosphere considering the weather. One small negative, although didn't affect me, were some of the pacers. I set out with the 1hr 50 pacer and we eventually passed the 2hr pacer at about mile 5!! Surely the idea about pacers is to go at a steady pace just slightly faster than the target finish time? If a runner was aiming for 2hrs they would have gone out way too fast if follwing the pacer. I also believe the 1hr 50 min pacer was a bit slow too and flew up the last hill to make it home in time but leaving all the runners that were with him behind! Just an observation, would like to hear from the runners that were with these pacers to see if they agree! Also, the times that are up, are these supposed to be the chip times, as the time given for me is when I crossed the finish line, or was it purely chipped for when you crossed the finish line? Small things I know, great race, I'll be back next year to tackle those hills again!

John Kissane said...

Great well organised event & a nice challenging route. Great work by Ken who was driving the 1:30 pace bus.

Pauline Grainger said...

I agree about the pacers. I was running 7.30 mins and the 2hr pacer was in front of me and on his own!! Whats the point of this pacer, will put people off if their plan was to run a 2hr. Great race though.

Richard o sullivan said...

have to say that the 1.30 pacer was excellent.

Anonymous said...

I was very disappointed about 2hr pacer too. It was my first half marathon and i was hoping to go with 2hr pacer, but at the start line he just took off leaving all of us behind..By my watch first mile i have done in 8.45 and there was no sigh of 2hr pacer. Wasn't professional..
Otherwise Race was great, will def be back next year. Thanks

Anonymous said...

A super race" before, during and after ...atmosphere was great. A 'supervalu'race, pardon the pun, (but a nod to one of the sponsors)compared to the price of other equivalent races! Fresh sambos and free massage were a great bonus! See you next year

Anonymous said...

Great race, thanks for all involved! As for the 1hr 50 pacer, I felt he got it spot on, you cannot run at an even pace for a course like that and it's very difficult to get the pace exact with so many hills. He got me to half way feeling very fresh and that was thanks to getting the pace correct through the flat and then hills from 4-6.5

Pat O'Sullivan said...

I agree with John Desmond's assessment. This is a very well organised race and although a tough course it has a hard to explain attraction. Maybe it's the long easy sections along quiet beautiful country roads and the brilliant finish in the town. It lures you back!

Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable race. Great to get off the main roads! Well done Bandon AC and RFC on a very well organised race.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice difference in time for 10k run,as went over line at 58min on clock but website states 1.03 min. Think myself I was just under the hour.

Anonymous said...

well done Bandon. I really like this race. well organised, challenging course, showers and great feed afterwards. see you next year!

Anonymous said...

Bandon is one of my favourite half marathons....nice quiet county roads with surprises around every bend ....another hill....and indeed a nice bit of a downhill before the final drag and that nasty hill at ml 12 but I just love the downhill finish !!
PB for me on Bandon course.....kept Kevin Wilmot in sight all the way.....he did great job as I saw him gathering up his followers quite a few times ! Well done Bandon AC

Gearoid Buckley said...

Great race. Brilliantly organised. As John said the weather was perfect for running.

Sorry i didn't bring a suitcase for the spread after it was amazing.
Congrats to all involved.

Anonymous said...

Any pics

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Bandon is an excellent half-marathon. It is obviously more challenging to run a track that is full of hills and valleys, but the greater the fight, the sweeter the victory.

Anonymous said...

great race yesterday. ran with the 1.40 pacer, he did a super super job. I had a big p.b as did most of the runner who he encouraged around.well done to the bandon clubs

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the half as I prefer quiet country roads. In my top 3 of courses in Munster.
2hr pacer definitely inexperienced as I ran sub 100'00 and only passed him after about 1.5 mls.
Thanks & Well done to all involved
And a specialword of thanks to you John for your course description and photos... I felt I knew the course throughout the run...

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic run, great organisation and like the effort made to recognise age categories.
I would highly recommend this race to anyone, no contest between it and the Bay run in my opinion.
I have done both the 10k and the half and both are challenging runs, but well worth it.