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The Running in Cork blog is the largest website in Cork and Munster for news on road races and athletics. Included are a current race calendar, race previews, photos, results as well as some local, national and international news items.

The Running in Cork site was started back in late 2006. It's original aim was just to provide some information on road races in the Cork region but over time, additional posts with news items of national and international items were added. As it has evolved, the traffic to the site has grown and it is now the largest running related website in Cork and Munster.  In June 2012, it hit a new peak of 53,000 hits per month.

Website Traffic......
Some links to web pages and old posts...
1) A piece showing the growth in traffic can be seen HERE (Updated Dec 2011)
2) Posts about blog hitting new peaks...
   a) 7,445 hits in March 2008...HERE
   b) 9,946 hits in June 2008...HERE
   c) 18,952 hits in June 2009...HERE
   d) 20,061 hits in May 2010...HERE
   e) 44,906 hits in May 2012...HERE
   f) 53,184 hits in June 2012...HERE

Contact Details...

Please use this e-mail address to contact me....

Social Media...
The Running in Cork site also has a Facebook page HERE

As of Feb 2019, it had over 15,200 followers.

The site also has an account on Twitter HERE
with over 2,800 followers.

Other Sites...

The Running in Munster site was started back in 2008. This site has information and results on nearly every race in the Munster region (excluding Cork........i.e. Kerry, Limerick, Clare, Tipperary, and Waterford).

The Running in Munster site is HERE

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