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Monday, May 31, 2021

Guest Post: Thinking out Loud Pat Walsh

 ** Thinking out loud **

Bit thought provoking this week. Not sure has it anything to do with running. πŸƒ

The last year was a life changing event that completely stopped us in our tracks and brought us all down to earth with a bang. We were confined close to home and all the social activities ceased. It was a time of worry and stress that we didn’t expect and most of us were not ready for.

Now as things improve and before we start off on the Hamster Wheel again of 24 / 7 busy, have a think about the way you want the future to look for you.

Did you just follow people and do what they were doing? Now is a time to break free from that.

You have been given an marvelous opportunity to reset.

You have discovered nature, fresh-air, exercise and the simple things in life. 

You have found more local routes to run, walk and cycle in.

You survived on your own and you are mentally stronger for that.

You missed your friends and now is the time to appreciate them more.

You have enjoyed a cup of coffee sitting on a wall with a buddy.

Will you get back on the – 'I must go here, I must go there bandwagon' – and not have the time to train and do what you want to do yourself?

What good thing has the past year made you do, and will you keep doing it?

Are you going to continue to keep it simple and give yourself time to do what YOU want to do?


I would love to have a race to go to. Not to be killing myself but just for the social aspect of travelling and meeting. 

There are many who don’t miss racing and the anxiety it gave them worrying about times and performance. You have been spared that and don’t go back if it causes you too much stress.

Maybe find low key events and leave the watch at home.


Folks I hope you are all safe and well. We need to exercise for so many health and mental benefits that I cannot start to name them. You future depends on a healthy YOU. 

Proactively manage your health and well-being to enjoy your life and be ready for the next curve-ball. The people who managed this one best, were in good physical and mental shape before it ever struck.

Life is short and can take sudden unexpected turns as we now know. Over-planning the future is futile. As we emerge into the light again, make it a life that you want to live and make yourself happy. We will only get one go at it. 

Before you start again, know what you want. πŸ€”


"Spirit of my silence I can hear you, but I'm afraid to be near you

And I don't know where to begin

And I don't know where to begin" 🎼

Have a lovely week. Sorry if a bit too deep for Monday reading.


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