Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Local councillor calls for pathway in Blackway to be cleared

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Local councillor calls for pathway in Blackway to be cleared

If you live in the countryside then you probably have a wide choice of routes to run on but if you live near the centre of a city like Cork then it's a different matter. Any pathway or walkway that can take you away from the noise and traffic is welcome for runners and walkers alike and these must be maintained and protected.

Local councillor Fiona Ryan put a video up on Twitter this week highlighting how a public walkway from Spring Land to the North Ring Road was now almost completely overgrown due to a lack of maintenance by Cork City Council.

This is the video....

The pathway in question is about 190 metres in length and runs parallel to the railway track running north out of the city towards Mallow.

It's obviously suffering from years of neglect as the entrance on Spring Lane doesn't look very inviting...

I wonder has anyone used this path for training runs in the past??

Looking at the map, it does offer a shortcut for residents in Blackpool or Fair Hill to access the Glen River Park. The exit on the North Ring Road is just across from the western entrance to the Glen.

At some stage, the 5k parkrun in the Glen will return on Saturday mornings and anything that makes it easier for people to get there must be welcome.


John Kissane said...

Never even knew it existed but that entrance wouldn't exactly invite you to try it out randomly!

cathal daly running blog said...

As a northsider I never ran it. I knew it existed but as John said I wouldn't use it. It isn't suitable for running I'm afraid but that's no reason why it shouldn't be looked after. It would be great to see a running path or Greenway path going from say Mayfield/ The Glen/ Knockanheeny, Sundays Well, Lee Fields, Bishopstown looping all the way to Passage.

Anonymous said...

Even 25 years ago that path was pretty overgrown and neglected and somewhere to avoid. For years it only really served as a shortcut from the Glen towards the Glenhights/Millfield areas, mainly used by kids. It runs along the perimeter wall of the old Hammond Lane or maybe the old Glouldings factory. There's a pretty steep climb out the opposite end that's shown in this video that makes it less that ideal for most people.

It's not the first thing locals would want to spend money on as very few would actually use it but maybe with the right plan it could be opened up. Personally I'd say spend any money on developing the Glen Park itself