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Monday, June 22, 2020

Coillte withdraw plans to put road in Rochestown Woods

Oldcourt / Rochestown Woods is located in the south-east part of Cork City and is a popular spot for runners and walkers. As well as being a recreational area, the woods has a thriving Red Squirrel population.

Coillte recently published plans to cut down a part of the woods to enable a forest road to be built so that some of the trees there could be cut down and extracted. The proposed road is in Red above on the right. The additional area to be felled is enclosed in red above on the left.

This plan was vigourously opposed by local users of the woods as well as many local councilors.

Today, Coillte announced that they had withdrawn plans to build the road which is good news.It's still not clear though whether they intend to clear the area shown in Red.

The hope now is that the woods will be designated a recreational area by Coillte just like they did for several areas in Co. Dublin.

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