Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Weather forecast for the 2019 Cork City Marathon

Saturday, June 01, 2019

Weather forecast for the 2019 Cork City Marathon

Earlier in the week, there was a lot of uncertainty about when the rain would arrive on Sunday. It now looks as the rain front will pass through during the very early hours of Sunday morning. By the time of the start of the full marathon and half-marathon, it should be overcast and dry.

The temperature is likely to be in the low to mid teens so running in just a singlet is recommended. No layers or jackets.

There may be more sunshine in the afternoon so that may be an issue for those out on the course for a long time.

The main issue is likely to be the wind. It will be from the west and will likely feel pretty strong in places.

The map above shows where is a headwind and where it may be a tailwind.

It may feel exceptionally warm from the Straight Road back into the city as the wind is behind the runners and loses it's cooling effect.

As forecasts go, it could be a lot worse.

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