Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Locha Lua Half-Marthon - Sat 20th Apr 2019

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Results of the Locha Lua Half-Marthon - Sat 20th Apr 2019

A grand total of 219 people took part in the inaugural Locha Lua Half-Marathon in Ballingeary.

1 240 Alan Lehane St Finbarrs M Under 40 1:17:46
2 340 Aidan Mc Swiney TSV SCHOTT MAINZ M Under 40 1:18:50
3 171 David Craig Bandon AC M40 1:19:41
4 266 Christopher Murnane M Under 40 1:22:01
5 254 Eugene Mc Carthy M50 1:22:25
11 211 Katie Hickson F40 1:29:04
26 342 Jean Lucey F Under 40 1:39:44
33 212 Elaine Horgan Clonmel AC F Under 40 1:41:46 
36 202 Eleanor Griffin F40 1:42:20
39 235 Ailish Killilea F Under 40 1:43:48


1) The organisers have a large gallery HERE


Anonymous said...

Tough course well organised and there should be some lovely photos

Anonymous said...

Challenging course with plenty of hills. Hard to get into a good rhythm. Very well organised and medal was nice touch. Course may have been a bit long? It didn't match the map as we started behind the finish line. It will be a race that will grow. Not a PB course but great views and great value for money

DaveMac said...

Great challenging half. Well organised and run. Super grub in the hall afterwards. The organisers should be proud of the event

Anonymous said...

Tough course but great scenery and spread after, will be back again.

Anonymous said...

Really lovely community atmosphere. Race was well organised, lovely touch with the band as we left the village. The wooden medal was nice too. Course was challenging but very scenic. Like another poster said I had the course as being a little long even accounting for GPS not being 100% accurate but I'm sure that will be rectified next year. Shower facilities and good spread after. All in all a very good race and looking forward to next year

Anonymous said...

Not just this race but a lot of races this year seem not to be accurate. And not going by GPS as I know that will be the 1st point made. Accurately measured seems to be a guess with new races.

Unknown said...

Thanks to everyone for the feedback. The map was prepared prior to official course measurement by Jones Counter. The course start and finish lines were exactly as per the official measurement. We will correct the map accordingly.

Anonymous said...

I guess the course is measured at the shortest possible route but with open roads it was impossible to take that on such a course with so many bends and turns. That might count for what felt like a long course.
It must be one of the hardest half marathons around which also means its a bucket list item. Can we have the band follow us around the whole way next year, that was a great touch leaving the town