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Monday, January 24, 2011

Category Results of the Cork BHAA 'FMC' 4 Mile Road Race - Sun 23rd Jan 2011

A record number of around 430 turned out for the first road race in the 2011 Cork BHAA road race calendar. Despite the low temperatures and harsh overnight frost, the roads had cleared by the time the race started just after 11am.

Looking at the numbers for this race over the last few years, you can see that the numbers increased dramitically in 2008 and have been around the 400 mark for the last 4 events.

Sean McGrath winning the mens race with Colin Merritt chasing hard

Partial Category Results...
1 Sean McGrath (McGrath Landscaping) 20:16; 2 Colin Merritt (Army, M40) 20:22; 3 Ed Murphy (temp-reg) 20:29; 4 John Meade (Joyce Wolfe Physio) 21:30; 5 Cathal O’Connell (UCC, M45) 21:35; 6 W Walsh (Army) 21:44; 7 M Murphy (temp-reg) 22:12; 8 M Dunne (Cork Garda) 22:17; 9 Kieran McKeown (temp-reg) 22:20; 10 Noel Curtin (Quality Hotel, M45) 22:22.

Team :
(Grade A) 1 UCC 35; 2 Cork Garda 41; 3 Army 59.
(Grade B) 1 Cork City Co) 111; 2 Naval Service 132; 3 Quality Hotel 141.
(Grade C) 1 Statsol 335; 2 ESB 378; 3 Cork City Co) 461.

Women: 1 Michelle Nolan (Midleton News, F35) 24:56; 2 Deirdre Nagle (temp-reg) 25:19; 3 Gillian Cotter (UCC, F35) ; 3 E O’Connell (De Puy) ; 4 D Twohig (HSE, F35) ; 5 A Geary (UCC) ; 6 K Fitzgerald (temp-reg) .
The full results are now available HERE.
(....with thanks to John Walshe for the above results)


Anonymous said...

how long does it take ........god !!!

those guys need new software.....

Anonymous said...

Well for 5 euro a race i'm prepared to wait!!

Anonymous said...

To be honest lads in the days of no computers you could understand the delay . But not in these days of superior technology . John Walshe has results out in 10 mins after all the ballycotton summer series , and no's can fetch up to 400 people . Why can't the Bhaa invest in the same system . It would be a whole lot easier for them. To save them time and energy.
I think they should consider this as this is not the first time this argument is brought up .

Anonymous said...

Possibly one reason was that a number of runners left the finishing funnels, against stewards and other finishers pleas, before their race numbers were noted. This makes it difficult for those compiling the results to reconcile times and race numbers.
Finishers can also see their times as they pass under the clock.
Could I suggest that those unhappy with the time it takes to publish results, and/or other aspects of race organisation, get involved......

John Desmond said...

This subject has been debated here before.

Basically, the BHAA do not use a computerised system for the results. The way they work out team prizes means that the Racemaster software used by other organisations is of no use. So you can't compare the races.

Normally the results take about 2-4 days to come out and most people know that there will be a delay. It just so happens that this time, it seems to be a bit longer.