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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cork City Marathon photos... (Updated 2:00 pm, Sunday 17th of June)

Here are some links to photo's on the net...

There are 66 photos in this set..

There are 21 photos in this set..

John Quigley of Eagle AC took the following...,com_gallery2/Itemid,47/?g2_itemId=6818

....and this is the big one! Just put in your name or entry number (...thanks to Pat O'Sullivan for the info on this one!)

...and some more!
There are 34 photos in this set...

...and just 4 in this one

and there are 28 on the BHAA website


Anonymous said...


There are marathon photos up on

Pat O'Sullivan

Anonymous said...

Just a word to congratulate you on the blog. Its my first time visiting it and I'm blown away. The upcoming events list is really good. BTW, if you've never done the Newmarket to Kanturk five miler don't miss it, its all downhill and a cert for a pb.
Paul Cotter (a Golden Eagle)

Anonymous said...

when is newmarket to Kanturk? I really like that course.